What is Stippling?

So maybe you have a new gun or you have been shooting forever and you have just learned about stippling. Maybe you have know about it for a while and just want to know more about it. Either way, let me explain why we stipple and why you might want to get it done.

Stippling is where you cut into the polymer grip of a handgun and then, with heated tips, retexture (melt) the surface for a better grip on the gun. We can do all sorts of designs with the border when we cut it into the frame and with the texture that we put back on the grip. Stippling can be done a few different ways, but we at DMW/2AS do it in the original form, by hand. There are four significant steps in stippling done by hand.

  1. Cutting the border, undercuts, and thumb ledges into the gun.
  2. Sanding down the area to receive texture
  3. “Stitching” a term used to melt the polymer around the edges in a certan way to make the border have a cleaner line.
  4. Texturing – (Using a custom tip heated to a high tempature in order to remelt the polymer into a new design/texture)

If you are interested in stippling, how you use the firearm is the biggest thing to consider. Is it your EDC gun? Do you only use it on a battle belt or for the range? Answering those questions will help you determine how aggressive you want the texturing to be. I will cover all the different textures we offer and their level of aggressiveness in future blogs. Along with a lot of other topics.

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